Hi, thanks for visiting the healing thought. What happened, what it was like, what it is like today? Through many years of living a life that just wasn’t working on any level I found myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. I felt completely hopeless with nowhere to turn. I realized that my way was not working. I always believed in a “higher power” though it was difficult to connect with the one that they taught in Sunday school. The one that I came up with on my own just wasn’t cutting it. I Guess some of us need to totally hit rock bottom before we are truly willing to receive help and guidance. This began my search into many different paths for solutions, answers, and hope. I became open to what the great philosophers and psychologists had to say. I was ready to study the wisdom of the world’s major spiritual paths and teachers.

I was introduced to meditation and other healing arts. I realized that all these paths had so many principles in common but one of the principles that really struck me and seemed to help me the most was that they all said its a change of perception that changes everything. The more that I practiced and applied these teachings, the better I felt. Life was better. I was becoming more peaceful, kind, happy, and understanding. I was able to shift my perceptions, this allowed healing to take place. Once I could see the value or blessing in everything, the more devoted I became. This was nothing short of a spiritual awakening. Now, after many years of studying and practicing these life changing techniques, I would like to share with you what was so freely given to me.
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Many Blessings,

Rev. Franz Younghans